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A Wedding in Jamaica

Our good friends Luke and Courtney (who you can see in our videos about traveling to Suomenlinna, Finland) decided to get married in Jamaica. This video shows all the fun we had during the trip.


I’m back! As a flyboarder.

Hello my people.  It’s been a while.  But I’m still here.  Just haven’t had anything super exciting to make a video about.

That changed when my wife got me a flyboarding experience for my birthday.  It took place in Ft Myers, Florida, near my parents house, at a place called FMBFlyboarding.  After 30 mins of flyboarding, I felt like a professional rocket man!

Hike to Preikestolen (aka Pulpit Rock)

This is it! The last video about our time living in Finland and traveling around the region.

In this video we take a hike up to a big cliff called Preikestolen. It’s a hike that leads you to some cliffs that go almost 2000 feet straight down into Lysefjord. It was one of the most amazing places we saw while we were there. Seemed dangerous because there were no fences. Of course I took that opportunity to dangle off the edge and get a good (but crazy) view..

This is the 58th video I made about our time in Finland and Scandinavia. I can’t believe I made that many. I’m glad I did; it’ll make a nice little video album for any future family members that want to see what we did.

In total we spent time in 7 different countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Poland, and Finland).

January 10, 2014 – July 27, 2014.

Peace out!


Flamsbana: Flam Bergen Railway and Tall Ships

Filmed in July of 2014, Crystal and I take a trip on one of the most beautiful railways in the world (as claimed by National Geographic). The train takes us from Flam to Bergen.

Once in Bergen we check out some tall ships that are taking part in the 2014 Tall Ships Race.

Fjords in Norway: Geirangerfjord, Flam, and the Nærøyfjord

We make our way from Geirangerfjord to Flam on an epic bus, ferry, and taxi journey. Best bus ride we’ve ever been on. We go through a 13-mile long tunnel through some mountains which was interesting. We took a Fjord Safari (small quick boat) through some of the deepest and longest fjords in Scandinavia, and then we hiked to the top of some other mountains near Flam.

Trollstigen and Geirangerfjord with Family

Oh man this scenery was beautiful and never-ending. Bjorg and Ole drove us from Trondheim to Geiranger. When we got there, we said goodbye, and explored some of the fjord on our own. I want to go back.

Geirangerfjord Goats in Geiranger, Norway

This is a little excerpt from the Geirangerfjord video I’m working on. On our last day in Geiranger, we met some goats. Crystal talks to them.

A Family Reunion in Stjørdal, Norway

Our second day in Norway was one of my favorite of all my days in Scandinavia.

We had a big family reunion with all sorts of distant relatives. We traveled to my Great Great Grandmother’s farm, my Great Great Aunt’s farm, and visited the cemetery where my Great Great Great Grandparents were buried.

Oh, we also went to a town called Hell which was amusing.

Our first day in Trondheim, Norway with Relatives!

Our first day in Norway. We arrived late the night before, and on this day, we spend some time seeing the city of Trondheim, Norway, where my distant relatives live.

About 25 years ago my grandmother and mother made contact with these people. A few of them came to visit us in the United States. While Crystal and I were in Finland we found them and connected with them on Facebook. Next thing you know we’re spending time with them at their home in Norway.

The video after this will feature a big family reunion of ancestors where we tour the old family properties.

Sustainable Living in Denmark

In this video we spend time living on a sustainable farm in the Danish country side. The owners of the farm are the same people that Crystal lived with when she studied abroad, though at that time, they couple had corporate jobs and lived closer to the city. A few years ago they said goodbye to that life and now live on and maintain this farm where they get almost everything they need from nature. This place was special.

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